I Am The Silence

When breath meets tongueAnd words are spokenThe world who knows my voiceReally only hears Ego When the cogs are spinningAnd thoughts are wovenFilling the space between my ears with proseEgo is telling me stories The world knows me by my wordsI know myself by my thoughtsBut I know neither of theseTo be the me that …

Dear Reader

Just in case no one has ever told you, you are amazing. You bring a special something to the world that no one else does. Unfortunately, we live in a time when people aren't saying these things to each other enough because we are too busy talking about the weather, or the economy, or politics, …


DreamerBelieverMagical Mystery SeekerSilently Preaching ForgivenAcceptingBroken PerceptionsWhispered-Truth TellerFalling Down Rising UpStrongerConnection BelongingBonded to LifeBlinding Bright Light I AmYou AreWe AreOne StoryTold a Million Times

Creator Mentality

Sleeping deep, Creator wrapped up in lucid dreams soaring high, bird of prey sunlight kisses upon her wings   Stirring now, Creator grounded and bound to day blinking slowly, composing the universe begins to play   Wild and free, Creator new patterns are exposed fine-tuning, higher frequencies The realms inside realms unfold